This product was aimed at the Middle East, where due to the significant heat, lamp posts need to be installed quickly and safely. The Lucy Zodion team came to us with a blank sheet of paper but the desire to capture the lucrative Middle Eastern market with a more innovative product.


We started by analysing the existing products on the market and how we might improve their design. Then we set about understanding it from the installer’s perspective. On receiving a set of lampposts and huge cables, turning the heating up (and wearing a pair of gloves) we got stuck in to the nitty-gritty of finding where the obstacles were.

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We timed the process and mapped out where we should focus in terms of innovation and design. The product also had to meet rigorous safety and compliance requirements, so we undertook computational modelling, real-world materials analysis and impact tests. 

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During its development we became part of the Lucy Zodion innovation team, developing a strategy of product development around their processes. The product was then manufactured and is now winning market share, in turn helping Lucy Zodion’s position as a global leader in the design and manufacture of streetlighting equipment.

Traditionally these types of products are unimaginative and purely functional but PDM managed to create several innovative features such as coloured sliding terminal blocks, easy install gland plates, snap fit back bracket, stackable extension box, and screw-less assembly. Moreover, the design was intrinsically strong meaning even the most onerous installations could be accommodated whilst looking aesthetically fantastic. The result was impressive.
— Product & Marketing Director, Lucy Zodion

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