The IARP is an internal scaffold structure that, through a port, aids procedures in laparoscopic surgery. It started with an idea by a leading surgeon and a very expensive prototype.

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Eight evolutions later, we had made it easier and more effective to use, reduced manufacture cost to 100th of the initial prototype, and by making it disposable, avoided the expensive sterilisation process.

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The final outcome was a patented product solution licensed to the manufacturer and distributor.

We commissioned Pd-m to convert a medical device concept into an innovative, realisable and manufacturable product for licensing. The project required Richard and his team to work closely with a multidisciplinary team including our Surgical Technologies research group, surgeons at Leeds Teaching Hospitals and the commercial partners. Pd-m helped us achieve the desired outcome, they are a professional innovation consultancy and I can highly recommend them.
— Associate Professor, Leeds Universtiy

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