BugBrush is a baby toothbrush that makes teeth cleaning a stress free, fun experience for both parents and infants. It started with ‘Mumpreneur’ Rowena Johnson having problems brushing the teeth of her small child Saskia. As an occupational therapist she knew tooth decay in small children is a problem and wanted to do something about it.

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The key to solving this battle was to develop a product designed especially for babies. As Rowena had already been working with a leading Professor of Paediatric dentistry, it was our job to interpret their findings and go through a full product development cycle to bring her idea to life.

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BugBrush is the first product to combine the effectiveness of a toothbrush, with the fun and safety elements of a toy. With 10,000 super-soft bristles (more than any other toothbrush in the world) its design encourages infants to bite and chew on its surface, removing food debris and plaque, while it’s colourful ergonomic shape ensures that teeth cleaning tantrums are a thing of the past.

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Richard has gone above and beyond what he was contracted to do - he has, and continues to be, a huge support to me. Without his skills and knowledge, my product would not be on the shelves, and I am truly thankful to both him and Tim for enabling my dream to become a reality. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Richard should count themselves very lucky, and grab it with both hands.
— Rowena Johnson, Inventor

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