The Rockit is a portable rocking device that can be safely attached and used with any pushchair, stroller, buggy or pram. It was developed by three regular dads, Nick, Matt and Matt, that were struggling to keep their new born children asleep.

rockit dads.jpg

After coming up with the idea and designing some early rough prototypes, they approached the Design Council’s SPARK programme, where they won a grant and met us. “We needed some help from a specialist company to help us take it to market.” Nick said.


Once we defined the brief (it had to be safe to use, showerproof, quiet, adjustable and have a decent battery life) we turned our focus on to how it needed to be made. As this was a pure design-for-manufacture project, we started with the commercials – the target unit cost – and worked backwards from there.

Rockit Exploded 2b.jpg


After a six-month development cycle and a number of prototypes later we had solved it. The final outcome has become a commercially successful product that’s taking the Nursery sector by storm, winning many plaudits and accolades alike.

We selected Pd-m as our design partner for The Rockit since Richard has been involved with the Design Council SPARK programme and his company Pd-m have experience in nursery products. The team at Pd-m took our original concept then carried out product development, in-house prototyping, engineering and design-for-manufacture. The team at Pd-m are highly focused, experienced and dedicated; they have really helped us in our journey to market.

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