We are partnering with Leeds NIHR Global Health Research Group to advance healthcare in rural North East India. The project is funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), the research arm of the NHS. The mission is to develop novel innovations which increase quality of surgical care to those most in need; we are focusing on laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery. Two of our team spent a week in Kolkata gaining insights from rural surgeons, including observing live operations.

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The difficulty in introducing laparoscopic surgery in low resource settings is a lack of resources, in particular administering general anaesthetic and availability of gas cylinders. The objective is to incorporate benefits of minimally invasive surgery, but tackle the challenges requiring insufflation and general anaesthetic.

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To overcome this problem, we are developing a modified form of laparoscopic surgery – gasless laparoscopy. Using a specially designed device to lift the abdominal wall, gasless laparoscopy enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive operations under simple spinal anaesthetic with reduced recovery time.


We see design as a catalyst to improving patient outcomes, so our input to this project is philanthropic, with the motivation that design has the power to improve lives. The lift device will ultimately be deployed in rural settings throughout India as part of a dedicated training programme in laparoscopic surgery. For more information about this and other projects being undertaken by GHRG-ST please visit here.

The expertise that Pd-m International brings in understanding unique medical challenges and incorporating novel solutions into practical devices will be crucial to the success of our mission. We are extremely grateful to Pd-m International for their philanthropic approach to supporting the plight of some of the most globally challenged populations and helping GHRG-ST in its ambition towards universal health coverage by 2030.
— Professor Jayne, Clinical Director of GHRG-ST

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